Friday, March 25, 2011

Project 6 is now is session!

So I decided several months ago that I was sick and tired of being a size 14, and that I wanted to do what I could to get back to my previous size – size 6.  Project 6.  (Get it?  Haha.)  So I worked really hard, stayed hungry all the time, and got down to a size 10.  Then I started drowning at work, and my motivation went out the window.  But now – my family is going to be moving from Alaska to Chicago in a few months …. and we can’t afford to take more than a carful of stuff with us.  So that means, if I can’t get back to the size I want to be within 2 months (I’ve given myself a deadline – hope it will light a fire under me), I will finally lay all my cute size 6 clothes to rest donate all my cute size 6 clothes to the womens’ shelter or some such.  It will be very sad if that has to happen; I may even wear black for a bit in mourning.
But for right now – I’m thinking positive thoughts.  The ever-so-congenial Ms. Jillian Michaels never fails to kick my butt with her more-difficult-than-it-looks workouts.  Am I the only one that actually enjoys the post-workout soreness?  Makes me feel like I’m making progress.
Project 6 is now in session!  Wish me luck!

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