Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best quotes (lately)

Best Ron Paul quote ever:
"[Ron Paul’s] supporters are akin to ‘Battlestar Galactica’ loyalists at a ‘Star Trek’ convention, incapable of winning many converts and themselves unwilling to switch teams."

As a (current) Ron Paul supporter, BSG fan (BSG4life!), AND Star Trek fan, best. Quote. Evah.  Nuff said.

Best quote about Texans:
Following Rick Perry’s entry into the GOP race: “The Texan enters with one heck of a handicap, namely: He’s a Texan.  And the rest of the country, to indulge in the broadest-based, unfairest, most stereotypical of generalizations (my specialty), doesn’t much like Texas.  Which is just fine with Texans, who (a) don’t much care, being Texans, and (b) may not like the rest of the country, either."

LMAO!!!  This quote is SO true.  I lived in Texas for a while, and I actually found the state pride rather charming.   It's the only state where I have seen people paint the state flag on their curb.  Of course, it helps that the state flag is a rather simple design, but still.  I liked it.

Seen any good quotes lately?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh HUD, my HUD! Our fearful trip is done!

OMG!  The government owns repossessed homes!!!
You don’t say?! If you REALLY want to know what to do, how about you let people actually buy them, hmmmm?  (See my upcoming novel about how not to buy a house)